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Sandwich, 375 Years: Photos, Facts & Fables of Cape Cod’s Oldest Town

Edited by Don Bayley, Sandwich Historical Commission, this is a compilation of stories and photos by present and former Sandwich residents, students and historians.

The book is 8 1/2  x 11, apx. 175 pages, 25 in full color.   ISBN: 978-0-615-91352-0

“Since I purchased the 375 Book yesterday I haven’t gotten any housework or much of anything else done! It is WONDERFUL!  It is unique. I can’t think of another book so full of wonderful anecdotal stories about Sandwich - or anywhere else for that matter.”

 “I’m using my copy as a method of studying a bit of the history of my newest adopted town. There are recollections from dozens of current and former Sandwich residents, plus hundreds of current and historic photos of our beautiful town. My book is proudly on display in my office.” -columnist Mark Snyder

 “What an amazing heirloom for all time!  I am sure the book is going to be a great success!  I have purchased other town anniversary books around New England and this by far is the most varied and captures that wonderful essence of our seaside town.”

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“Congratulations on the book-it’s terrific. I was up till midnight reading it. The pictures are wonderful, and the quality of the images is surprisingly good.”

Click here for a sample story: “Setting Roots in Sandwich - Twice.” This is an example of the many wonderful stories we received from people who truly love Sandwich and which made creating this book a real pleasure. -Don Bayley, Editor

How Did this Book Come About?

We invited Sandwich residents to write about our town. Current residents and previous residents, relatives of founding families, wash-a-shores, students and summer visitors. We sent out emails, there was an article in the paper, we had a page on the website.

What we received was phenomenal: stories about Sandwich’s past, stories about Sandwich’s present and just great stories.

Stories from one end of town to the other: from Bear Hollow to Spring Hill, from Cedarville to Forestdale, from Brady Island to the East Sandwich Beach.

Stories from the early days to now-a-days; from the Wampanaogs to the Wash-A-Shores.

Stories from when the post office was in the Novelty Block; from when a skilled craftsman built a grandmother clock.

Read about fire and wind and rain and snow: the forest fires of the 1930s, the Portland Gale of 1898,  thunderstorms in the 40s, and a no’easter.

The Boardwalk, the Belfry and the Boyden Block: it’s all here for you to enjoy. Photos, Facts and Fables of Cape Cod’s Oldest Town.

MapTitleHere’s A Sneak Peek:

We plan to start off with “A Brief History of Sandwich” by Jonathan Shaw. This will provide a great overview of what’s to come.

The founder of our town is the subject of our next article contributed by Captain Philip Alfred Johnson, Jr. a 10th Great, Grandson of Edmond Freeman.

Then comes “SANDWICH: A Timeless Town” contributed by Christie Lowrance, a published writer/editor for over 30 years and who, just this month, has completed Nature’s Ambassador: The Legacy of Thornton W. Burgess.

Other stories include:

“A History of the Wing Family” by Owen J Gaffney, Sandwich High School

“George Allen 1568-1648” by Kaethe Maguire


“A Christmas Night Murder in 1857” By William F. Daley

Three stories from Irving Freeman, direct descendant of Nathaniel Freeman:
“A Surprise Visit with Polly Chuck and Miss Alice Cooke”
“Why are there so many Catalpa trees in Sandwich?”
“Story of the Spring Hill Neighborhood Club”


Historical Tid-Bits from Editor Don Bayley:
“Sandwich’s Animal Night Club and the Locust Grove Asylum”
“The Story of the Old Titus Clock
“W. E. Boyden and the Boyden Block
“Cedarville: A Grist Mill, Grange Hall, a School and Tavern

A photo essay: “The History and Mysteries of the John Pope House” by Jana Hamby

by Judy Hendy

“LUCY BASSETT LLOYD: a woman ahead of her time” (She was valedictorian of the Sandwich Academy class of 1885.and grand martial of the Sandwich Tri-centennial Parade in 1939) by Jim Pierce

“THE PORTLAND GALE a.k.a. Sandwich’s Perfect Storm” by Jim Pierce

“William Eaton and the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument” by William F. Daley

“The Urinal that Saved the Historic 1834 Town Hall” by Jonathan A. Shaw

“Bear Hollow Farm, Forestdale, Massachusetts” by Elaine Whitmore Cary

A written history of the town prepared by Leavitt Crowell: we will be publishing it for the first time. Here’s an excerpt:
“As I look back, Sandwich was an ideal place to grow up in the 20’s and 30’s,
Opposite the Town Hall was Windsor’s Garage and filling station and the town spring.
This artesian spring was moved across the street in later years. Across from the garage and adjacent to the Town Hall was The Old Mill Tea Room (next to Dexter Grist Mill) run by Madam Harvey and her daughters. Upstairs in the Town Hall there were occasional movies on Saturday afternoon run by Mr. Windsor using an old arc light projector.”

“Earliest Recollections” by Jane Day
“Our House: 1927-34 on Franklin Street. My heart sank when I saw if for the first time. There was no electricity; just oil lamps; water had to be pumped by hand; floors sagged dangerously; in one place (the old dining room) the floor had separated from the wall and you could see outside and the dirt below; There were two huge copper tanks in the attic that had to be filled with hand-pumped water (we hired a boy to do this) which in turn supplied the water for the bathroom.”

Our Board of Selectmen Chairman, Jim Peirce has contributed “Memoirs of a Small Town Cop” by his Uncle Bill Foster. These stories are true gems: first-hand accounts of what it was like being the first night patrolman in Sandwich in 1949.

1950s – “I Grew Up in Sandwich Near Crow Farm” by Mimi Marchant

1970s – “Memories from Spring Hill Road, East Sandwich” by Joanne & Steve Wallace

“Coming Home” by Catherine Roe

1990s – “The Pommrehn Family: Life on Scorton Neck”

“East Sandwich Discovery” by Doreen Kardas Chagnon

For 2014 – “A Short History of the Cape Cod Canal, in Verse” by Elizabeth Ellis

Heather Blume spent the first nine years of her life at the Ellis family residence, 22 Grove Street
Her grandfather took pictures of town with his camera in the early 1900’s. These pictures have never been published before. She also has given us a bunch of stories by her mother Rachel Ellis Kaufman. This is a collection of yarns, history, character sketches and family geneology of our particular tribe. It includes Ellises, Hoxies, Webbers, Thurstons, Whites and Holways.