About Us

Mission Statement

Celebrating 375 years of incorporation, Sandwich is where Cape Cod begins. Settled in 1637, incorporated* in 1639, it is the oldest town on Cape Cod. Sandwich’s dynamic community both loves and embraces the town’s rich culture, proud heritage and pristine beauty.
Therefore, to showcase Sandwich’s 375th birthday celebration, we will offer a variety of gatherings, concerts, lectures, festivals, artistic and educational endeavors, museum exhibits, and additional celebratory events throughout 2014 for all Sandwich residents and visitors to enjoy.

Sandwich 375th Anniversary Theme Song:

We Love Sandwich” written for us by Dennis and Jalon Fonseca

Sandwich 375 Committee

Board of Directors

Cindy Russell – Chair
Kristen Federico – Treasurer
Jim Coogan – Secretary

Don Bayley – Director
Bill Daley – Director
Bill Diedering – Director
Gail Ravetz – Director

Operation Managers

Sponsorship – Gail Ravetz
Public Relations – Lisa Hassler
TV & Radio – D. C. Huntley
Online Media – Don Bayley, Samantha Hendy
Photography & Video – Bill Diedering
Print Media – Cindy Russell
Volunteers – Sue Vibberts

Fundraising Managers

“Celebrating Sandwich –Chef’s Recipes” – Ellen Vinciguerra
“Sandwich 375 Years – Photos, Facts and Fables” – Don Bayley
“Chesterton at the Boardwalk” – Dean Coe
Teamwork Trivia Nights – Jim Coogan
Historical Home Tours – Lisa Hassler
375 Golf Tournament – Peter Loiter & Bill Daley

Event Managers

February Youth Art Month – Jan Simpson & Elaine Arsanis
March for the Arts – Gail Ravetz, Amy Lynn Barber, Linell Grundman
Daffodil Festival – Joanne Westerhouse
Ronan Tynan Concert – Amy Lynn Barber
Restaurant Week – Kate Bavelock
‘Talk of the Town” Speaker Series – Bill Daley
BASH Days (Bringing Alive Sandwich History) May, June, July, August – Bill Daley
Heritage Day Morning at Town Hall – David Schrader, Wendy King
Heritage Day Afternoon at Sandwich High School – Kris Chalke and Gayle Fitzpatrick
Heritage Hey Day – Julie Raynor
SeaFest – Cindy Russell
Thornton Burgess Weekend – Gene Schott
Water Street Wing Fling – Tammy McDevitt
3D Projection Light Show – Steve Catania
Grand Parade – Bill Diedering




Historical Note

*In his book, History of Barnstable County Simeon L Deyo wrote: “The first representative assembly met June 4, 1639, at Plymouth (General Court), to which Sandwich, Yarmouth and Barnstable sent each two deputies…The extension of the settlements had created a necessity for delegating power to deputies and representatives, and thus the present representative form of government was inaugurated.”

Interestingly though, Russell Lovell wrote in Sandwich A Cape Cod Town: “..the charter or patent for Plymouth Colony did not include the word “incorporate” or refer to the right to establish new town government, so that this “incorporation” of towns (Sandwich, Yarmouth & Barnstable in 1639) is an invention…without authority or meaning, even though the dates of “incorporation” appear on town seals, in civic programs and local histories. What these dates signify is the acceptance of deputies from the towns to Plymouth quarterly Court meetings.”

With the exception of one year (1987), every Sandwich town anniversary has celebrated the year of “incorporation” (1639) rather than the year of the Grant of Settlement (1637). We are proud to continue this honored tradition in 2014. Visit our History Page to learn about some exciting anniversary celebrations in the past.

–Don Bayley, Sandwich Historical Commission