Then & Now

Main Street

Main St 1880
Photo taken circa 1880
From left to right: Unitarian church, Boyden Block and Central House (now gone),
Nancy Fessenden House, Apothecary Shop, Thayer House
Main St 2012
Photo taken April, 2012
From left to right: Unitarian Church (now private residence),
Town Hall Annex (hidden by trees, formerly Coop Bank, on site of Boyden Block),
Dan’l. Webster Inn (set back from street, on site of Boyden Block and Central House),
Nancy Fessenden House, Spotted Cod (formerly Apothecary Shop),
The Brown Jug (formerly Thayer House)


A Bit About the Boyden Block

William Ellis Boyden was born in 1806. He ran the Plymouth/Sandwich Stage coach operation starting in 1822. When the Cape Cod Branch Railroad came to town in the mid 1800s, he formed the Cape Cod Express Company for handling, packing, picking up and delivering local freight and for moving the mail between post offices and trains.

In 1857 he built what became known as the “Boyden Block” on Main Street between the Unitarian Church and the Central House. It consisted of a long building of several shops and a meeting hall upstairs where the Masonic Lodge met. He also built a large livery stable adjoining where he kept his old Plymouth stage coaches. The Boyden Block was destroyed by fire in 1913.


Town Hall Through the Years